Welcome to AirView, aerial filming & photography with a creative edge.                                                                              

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Using UAV's (aerial drones) we can help you see things in a new way by flying our cameras into positions that were previously impossible to achieve, for creative shots the only limit is your imagination

Our systems are suited to taking off and landing in areas inaccessible to traditional aircraft, they have state of the art positioning systems & outstanding stability, and zero emissions mean a minimum of disruption to the environment. 

We can place a camera exactly where you need it and capture the perfect shot or film footage. As we are flying you have the option to use one of our live downlink monitors to help direct the shot.

Imagine bringing the camera in from 500 metres to an extreme close up, seamlessly, with AirView you can.

AirView are a legal operator licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority and carry comprehensive insurance, do not hire unlicensed operators.


PHOTOGRAPHY - from €250      

FILMING - full day from €850 (pilot & cameraman), half day from €450 (pilot & cameraman).



Contact AirView on 086 1779490 or email: info@airview.ie